This friendly map of Norfolk, Connecticut, is obviously not to scale but it does show a lot of the scenery and features that make the town special. The exciting events planned for A Weekend in Norfolk (August 5, 6 and 7) will all take place within its confines. Want one for yourself? See below the map for how to get it.

Norfolk CT940W@300dpi

You may send for a free paper copy of this map with a variety of attractions numbered and keyed to a list that includes places to eat; places to enjoy music, art and history; places for shopping and activities; our bank and our gas station, and local bed and breakfasts. More information about music, art, history and outdoor attractions appears on the back, complete with pictures. Just send us an email with Norfolk Map & Guide in the subject line and ask for your copy of the free Norfolk map and guide. Be sure to include your postal mailing address. (You can even request a couple of copies for friends.)

Map drawn by Bart Arnold, © Norfolk Map Committee. Town website: