The first weekend in August and the last weekend in February every year


Thank you to the Town of Norfolk and all the organizations, individuals and businesses who have made this weekend so wonderful by organizing events and helping in countless other ways.

And thank you to our friends and sponsors for their financial support:


Adam Paul Heller Studio
Artisans Guild
Boyce Nemec Designs
D&R Auto Sales
Elyse Harney Real Estate
Evan Hughes Charitable Trust
Husky Meadows Farm
Manor House Inn
M.I. Integrated Media
Mountain View Green Retreat
National Iron Bank
Norfolk Economic Development Commission
Norfolk Foundation
Norfolk Hair Station
The Hills Magazine
The William & Mary Greve Foundation


Richard & Jane Andrias
Edward Barron
Dorothy Bazzano
Gerry & Bill Brodnitzki
Michael & Mari-Anne Burke
Peter & Adra Moss Chaffetz
Hope Childs
Peter Coffeen & Stephen Getz
George Cronin
Dalton Dwyer
Louise Ducas
Eileen Fitzgibbons
Fred & Joan Gardiner
Linda Garrettson
Kerry Garside
Elisabeth Gill
Holly Gill & David Mawicke
Barbara Gridley
The Hellerman family
Michael & Doreen Kelly
Anthony Kiser
Marlene & Myron Kwast
Starling Lawrence
David Low & Dominique Lahassois
Anita Matthewson
Tom & Celia McGowan
Cecily Mermann
Deborah & Timothy Moore
Katherine Moore
Richard & Barbara Moore
Jim & Jeanne Moye
Chris & June Peterson
Rebecca Eaton & Charles Pradilla
Nini & Alain Saman
Sally & Nicholas Thacher
Sally Vaun
William & Phyllis White
Colin Wilson & Karen Linden


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…and grateful acknowledgement to John DeShazo for his tireless help, not only with sound, but also with Virtual WIN videography and editing.


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